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Sales funnel

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Set Marketing Strategy

Create Demand & Interest

Identify Qualified Prospective Clients

Strengthen Client Loyalty

Go International??

B2B Marketing Agency: Meet the Team

Gil Gruber

Gil Gruber,? MBA

I am “hybrid” – a technology geek engineer
mixed with innovative marketing problem-solver
with tons of international client acquisition experience.



Vanessa Marroquin

A perfectionist that moves mountains, orchestrating marketing campaigns on time with successful outcomes, all while always listening to music. She is also our French language lover.


Sarah Paddon

A thesaurus enthusiast obsessed with polishing sentences and maintaining data fresh for lead generation campaigns.



Gabryelle Iaconetti

A cat lady who studies data and ancient Greece. With her Master in Archival Studies, she loves turning marketing data into meaningful information analytics.


Minh Tri Ly

A Web development wizard who cooks up a storm. He is passionate about creating the impossible while coding and automating lead generation processes.

Plus a network of more than 30 experts with various marketing expertises and vast international experience.

Clients Who Trust Our B2B Marketing Services

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