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                Solide is specialized in manufacturing and processing, building your private partnership

                The company to become a kiln, kiln furniture, ceramic machinery research and manufacturing in one of the professional production enterprises.

                Classic cases of workshop



                Chaozhou Suolide Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

                Chaozhou Suolide Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the capital of China, is an enterprise under the research of empty stoves in Xingao Depot. The company has a strong technical force and has a long history of researching and producing kilns, kiln furniture and refractory materials. In the 1980s, the The world's first technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic enterprises, researched, designed and manufactured the first purely domestic oil and gas shuttle kiln. With the needs and development of the market, The gas tunnel kiln, high-grade silicon carbide plate and ceramic forming machine have been developed one after another. Among them: the high-grade silicon carbide plate was regarded as a high-tech product by the Provincial Science and Technology Department in 2001.



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