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The History of Apartheid in Baltimore City

Micah TorbertComment

Hey Everybody!

The following link is to an article titled: Apartheid Baltimore Style: the Residential Segregation Ordinances of 1910-1913 

This article is a review from the Maryland Law Digital Commons. It essentially sheds some light onto the history of the segregation of blacks and whites in Baltimore City, and how it was amplified during the early 20th century by the government.


Please leave a comment if you find it as interesting as I did. 

See you guys soon!


Adding My First Completed Web Design Project

Micah TorbertComment

It has taken me roughly a week, but I am finally finished! I have completed my first order! Now I can finally start to build my portfolio so that I can show the world what I can do! I will start to actively push my site via social media now in hopes that I can drive a lot of new visitors to my site. 

This is my third attempt at starting a company and thus far I must say the hardest part about being your own boss is self-discipline. I remember my dad telling me that once you learned to self-govern your potential for success would be virtually limitless.. Back then I had no clue what that truly meant, but as I start to progress further in the development of O.M.I. I am starting to see exactly what he meant. 

The average person only does the bare minimum amount of work to "get by" in life. They follow the path that everyone else takes because it seems to be the path most well-known, and the path of least resistance. I am not the smartest man in the world, but something tells me that this may be why there is not a shortage of millionaires within our society. 

Individuals who are exceedingly wealthy are usually those who have capitalized on a need that they see society needs met. In addition to this they put in the extra time and effort to ensure their own personal success rather than furthering the success of a pre-established entity.

They take on risk. 

Okay I think that's enough preaching for one day 😊, well until next time! Everyone have a good day! 

-Micah Alexander 


Journey to Financial Independence: Day Three

Micah TorbertComment

Greetings everyone! So I spent last night reactivating some of my social media accounts with the sole purpose of linking my website to them in order to push my content via social media.

I will probably hold off on starting my first full blown campaign until I am comfortable with the quality of my site. It is getting there but I still have a few finishing touches to add. I am currently trying to add a page that will show samples wolf work I have done in the past. The thing is I'm not sure if I want it to be interactive or not. When I say "interactive" I am insinuating that these pages will be fully functioning stand-alone sites that my visitors can visit can navigate through to get a feel in regards to what their site may look like when I am finished. Let me know you thoughts.. 

In addition to this, today I will make another attempt to have my business cards printed out at the local office supply store 😑 wish me luck.. I may post again later today just to keep you all in the loop, but that's all for now! Have a great day! 

-Micah Alexander

Journey to Financial Independence: First Day Live!

Micah TorbertComment

Today is the first day that my has gone live! So I'm thinking to myself uhhh now what! Oh yeah!! Now I need to find some clients! 

I went to the local office supply store in hopes that they would be able to assist me with printing out some business cards, yeaaaah, that didn't work out too well.. 

Oh well! The good news is that I can make my first set of cards myself and start my first direct marketing campaign tomorrow! 

My goal is to acquire at least two clients by the end of next week! I feel like that is very doable. 

And so the journey begins!! I am so excited to start running my own business and to expand my knowledge and experience in regards to web developing! 

I'll keep you all posted k. 

Until next time, 

-Micah Alexander