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Journey to Financial Independence: First Day Live!

Micah TorbertComment

Today is the first day that my has gone live! So I'm thinking to myself uhhh now what! Oh yeah!! Now I need to find some clients! 

I went to the local office supply store in hopes that they would be able to assist me with printing out some business cards, yeaaaah, that didn't work out too well.. 

Oh well! The good news is that I can make my first set of cards myself and start my first direct marketing campaign tomorrow! 

My goal is to acquire at least two clients by the end of next week! I feel like that is very doable. 

And so the journey begins!! I am so excited to start running my own business and to expand my knowledge and experience in regards to web developing! 

I'll keep you all posted k. 

Until next time, 

-Micah Alexander