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Journey to Financial Independence: Day Three

Micah TorbertComment

Greetings everyone! So I spent last night reactivating some of my social media accounts with the sole purpose of linking my website to them in order to push my content via social media.

I will probably hold off on starting my first full blown campaign until I am comfortable with the quality of my site. It is getting there but I still have a few finishing touches to add. I am currently trying to add a page that will show samples wolf work I have done in the past. The thing is I'm not sure if I want it to be interactive or not. When I say "interactive" I am insinuating that these pages will be fully functioning stand-alone sites that my visitors can visit can navigate through to get a feel in regards to what their site may look like when I am finished. Let me know you thoughts.. 

In addition to this, today I will make another attempt to have my business cards printed out at the local office supply store 😑 wish me luck.. I may post again later today just to keep you all in the loop, but that's all for now! Have a great day! 

-Micah Alexander