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About the Founder

My name is Micah Alexander Torbert. I am a determined and hard working young man with a warm personality and a cheerful smile. I was born on January 23, 1989 in San Antonio, Texas to George and Fabré Torbert. When I was three years old my family moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina where I attended Ben Martin Elementary School and then Irwin Middle School. During my first year of middle school my family again moved this time to Aberdeen, Maryland where I attended Aberdeen Middle School and then graduated in the spring of 2007 from Aberdeen High School.

The following fall I enrolled at Harford Community College where I studied Engineering. While attending school I was so determined to succeed that I not only attended school as a full-time student, I also held a full-time management position at a local major retail store. My sophomore year was equally hectic due to the fact that I was also involved in many more clubs and events on campus. I was an active member of the Student Government Association, Vice President of the Black Student Association, a Student Ambassador, while also enrolled as a member of the Rights of Passage Mentoring Program. How did I make time for all of these activities you might ask? Basically I just did my best to maximize my time by staying focused on what mattered the most, my education. When I was not doing homework or attending club meetings I was usually writing music, playing my guitar, or hanging out with my friends.

A few years later however, I returned to school in order to obtain an undergraduate in Economics. I am now nearing the completion of my studies and am looking to the future for additional challenges and opportunities. One of the most prominent being the optimization of my new online e-business Open Mind Industries. The reason that I started this company was to push myself even further. I was tired of having to take orders from some clueless know-it-all that I had to call my boss simply because I needed a paycheck to support myself. I was tired of being a slave to the American capitalistic system. So I decided to do doing something about it.

I took my destiny into my own hands.

My hope is that this website will allow me to express my creativity, and let it flourish to its fullest potential. In addition to this, I hope that one day it will allow me to be free.

Free of economic oppression; free of creative suppression; and free of the chains that these American institutions have shackled to my mind since my inception.
— Micah Alexander Torbert